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Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper
Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper  
Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper   Texas Landscaper
Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper Texas Landscaper
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texas residential landscapes

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residential services


residential services

texas residential landscapes

Residential Landscape Services

Imagescapes Achieves Dramatic Landscaping Results

Residential Landscaping Customers Benefit from our One on One Approach
Our residential landscaping experts take the time to meet with you and listen carefully to what you want and how your family or tenants will use your property. Following our consultation, our landscaping professionals can creatively incorporate the unique characteristics of your property into the landscape design to provide a product that embraces your individuality.


texas residential landscaping

Landscape Design Services
It’s well recognized that an appealing landscape will significantly increase the value of your residential property. Imagescapes will work with you on landscaping concepts and details which are specific to your landscape and preferences.

We recognize that the success of the project depends on our ability to reflect your desires within your budget.

Conceptual layouts will be presented that reflect our understanding of your interests. The final plan will incorporate the details to ensure the final product is delivered to your satisfaction. Imagescapes’ professional and highly trained residential landscaping staff is dedicated to delivering all projects to the highest standard.

Imagescapes offers residential landscape design through CAD including the design of outdoor living areas.

residential landscape design services

Our residential landscape designs include the following landscape themes:

residential landscaping

• Formal Gardens
• Natural Gardens
• Japanese Gardens
• Natural / Woodland Areas
• Low Maintenance Landscapes
• Fruiting and Flowering Landscapes
• Fragrant Landscapes
• Xeriscapes (using native plants and plant material that require less water and maintenance),
• Water Gardens
• Commercial Landscapes
• Container planting for year round color and elegance
• Play areas
• Pool design


texas residential landscaping

Landscape Installation Services
Imagescapes’ residential landscape crews utilize proven techniques that result in successful installations. Our highly skilled horticulturists ensure that soil conditions, light exposure and wind direction are considered when placing plants. This results in healthy plants that thrive and appreciate in value as they reach maturity.

Imagescapes can install shrubs, trees, sod, and seed. For shrub and tree installation, we purchase top quality shrubs and trees and install them properly to ensure optimum growth and health.

We also install hardscapes including retaining walls, borders, and pathways, constructed of various types of stone, mulch, brick or synthetic products.


residential landscape installation
texas residential landscaping

Residential Landscape Maintenance Services
Our Landscape Maintenance Division offers the following services:

residential landscape maintenance

• Turf Maintenance (which includes cutting, edging, fire ant control and blowing off all surfaces)
• Turf Scalping, De-Thatching and Aeration
• Turf and Bed Leaf Removal
• Turf Renovation, pH adjustment, Over-seeding,
• Bed Weed Control
• Shrub Selective Pruning and Shrub Shearing
• Crape Myrtle Pruning
• Monkey / Mondo Grass Pruning
• Turf Fertilization and Weed Control
• Shrub Fertilization and Insect Control
• General Clean-up Services
• Mulch Refreshing



texas residential landscaping

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